Top travel Instagram accounts to follow

Top 5 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow This Year

Instagram. We have a love/hate relationship. It takes up way too much time, but it also connects us to travellers across the globe. A picture really says a thousands words and these amazing Instagram accounts really prove that. 

We discovered some new amazing travel Instagram accounts this year that we think you will love. Be ready to be inspired.

1. @H0RDUR

With 290K followers, this Icelander (Hörður Kristleifsson) created photo’s from his homecountry like we’ve never seen before. His pictures are truly mesmerising and he makes our jaw drop every time. Fascinating. If you haven’t been to Iceland, this Instagram account will definitely inspire you to go. 

Instagram account Hordor


As you may know, Instagram is full of travel couples. Famous couples like @doyoutravel & @gypsylust or @mariefeandjakesnow have set the bar high but we’ve discovered a new account that is worth your while. This Australian couple has been all over the world and they inspire the hell out of us!

Inspirational IG accounts to follow, As We Wander

3. @EverChangingHorizon

His photo’s and video’s are next level and although he’s been around for a while, we think everyone with a passion for travel should follow this guy. Quin Schrock started out with living in a self-made van and travelled the USA with it. Always with his camera in his hand, he’s your typical outdoor fanatic and has worked with some of the biggest brands. Our favourite picture? The one he made of @ChelseaKauai at a town called Uncertain (which we mention in our book!)

Ever Changing Horizon

4. @JordHammond

Another massive talent from the UK that we had the pleasure working with in our book Off the Beaten Track. He is one of our 25 contributors that has shared a story about the Eagle Hunters in Mongolia. Photo’s like these and many more, makes him one of the top travel accounts to follow on Instagram. 

Mongolia-EagleHunters by Jord Hammond
Photo by Jord Hammond

Empowering indeed. This Instagram account features the most incredible pictures and was one of the first black travel communities around on Instagram. Right now they have more than 600K followers and growing! Be inspired and follow them!

Do you follow us already? 😉 Let us know what you think of our Travel Instagram account!

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  • Neni
    Posted at 10:56h, 23 January Reply

    I love TARAMILKTEA! Her account is so vibrant and tasty 😀
    I need to check out the others, thanks for the inspirations.

  • Polina
    Posted at 15:59h, 23 January Reply

    Thank you for the feature, girls! <3

  • efulfilment
    Posted at 12:05h, 05 February Reply

    Great Post.. You are Inspiration For Me.

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