By all means, we love to give you guys the best travel hacks – which come in handy, especially with short trips. There are countless hacks, but we want to highlight 5 important travel tips, that you can use for your next city trip. Ready?

Roll your clothes for more space

With airports being busy due to lack of staff, it happens frequently that suitcases are getting lost. The solution is to bring hand luggage only, but pack smart! One way (and the only way, in our opinion), is to roll your clothes. It minimizes creasing, plus you are saving a lot of space, try it! Want to go one step further? Try using Packing Cubes, it’s a one-time investment, but many travellers will tell you it’s their best travel hack for packing!

Use a Travel Pass

No matter what city you arrive at, there is always a smart travel pass available to give you discounts on plenty of attractions. Take Go City for example. They offer the top tours, but also plenty of hidden gems – all of which are handpicked by their local experts. Moreover, you can say goodbye to those annoying entry fees and paper tickets. With Go City, it’s one price, one pass, and everything you need on your phone. Take the Amsterdam Pass, for example, you can visit more than 25 attractions, depending on which pass you choose. Pick a 1 to 5-day or unlimited pass, download the Go City App, and enjoy discounts and quick access. If you plan on visiting multiple attractions a Go City pass can save you around 45 percent! Visit the Rijksmuseum or check out Banksy at Moco. Discover less visited cities in the Netherlands, or drink Dutch beer at the Heineken Experience. 

Save these travel tips for your next city trip!

Read the local blogs

Now, whether you visit our City Trips tab or another blog, it helps you navigate around the best tips in a city! Because we live in and around the Dutch capital, we know all the best local spots for a city break in Amsterdam. That being said, if you are heading to Barcelona, check out another blog or travel platform that knows what they are talking about. Don’t follow the crowd, and explore a city outside the centre. Upon arrival, ask a friendly local about the best spots in the city, we can guarantee he/she/they will steer you in the right direction! 

Amsterdam, city trip travel hacks

The cheap hotel travel hack

Most capitals offer expensive hotels but if you play it smart and use this travel hack for your next city trip, you can save money. Firstly, check out the hostels in your selected city. Then, see if they offer private rooms. They are more expensive but far less than a usual hotel.  Next up, stay in a homestay or Airbnb. This way you can also enjoy the city, the local way. And our final tip is, to travel outside the high season and check out the deals hotels offer during this time. Sometimes you can include a discounted dinner, as many hotels have restaurants located inside their premises. 

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Rent a bicycle

This goes for every city, especially in Europe. There are a few reasons why we think this is a great travel tip for city trips. First of all, you come places you would otherwise never get access to. It’s easy to commute through a city and explore. Secondly, it saves you taxi rides. You will also find, that some hotels or Airbnb hosts, offer free bicycles when you book. This website makes it easy to book. 

Bicycle in Amsterdam, city trip tips

In any case, enjoy these travel tips for your next city break!


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