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With social distancing at a high, the situation is also making room for new ideas. One trend we see growing in the near future are Drive-in Cinemas.

When it will kick off, nobody knows, but one thing is for sure, it will be a nostalgic ride! American Drive-In cinemas from the 1960’s have always been cool. If you’ve never been to a real Drive-in Cinema before, it’s a unique film experience that you can spend with a loved one or your family  “safe in your car” and it’s coming to Amsterdam.

Drive-in Cinema Amsterdam, food
Food served at your car, perfect during social distancing!

Amsterdam Drive-In Cinema 2020

Currently, many organisations are waiting for the official go.But when they do, they are ready to show some beautiful nostalgic movie classics on a big screen at a beautiful location in Amsterdam. Cinetree is looking to organise drive-in tour though the Netherlands and Club Atelier has enough space to host an outdoor movie night. Outdoor Cinema is offering screens and equipment to venues that have the space and is ready to go.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Page to find out about dates and information.

We can’t wait for the popcorn!





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