We are blessed to travel the world and sleep in so many amazing hotels. We are a sucker for pretty interior design…but let’s be honest..the bed better be great! If you feel us, read on. This article is all about how to turn your bedroom into your own cosy hotel room.

Currently, there are various restrictions in place in countries across the world. With no travels planned anytime soon and spending more time at home, Sarah decided to turn her bedroom into a hotel room. 

The key bedroom essential 

The most important feature in a bedroom is for sure THE BED. Without the bed it’s just another room right? The key bedroom essential is the mattress, so therefore it’s important to invest in a high-quality mattress. After some research on the internet and having compared several mattresses, I came across Emma Sleep. 

The reason why Emma Sleep stands out amongst competitors, is due to the several awards they won in various countries. In the Netherlands ‘de Consumentenbond (a Dutch non-profit organisation which promotes consumer protection)’ voted the Emma O2 mattress winner of December 2021 with a score of 7,7! What also drew my attention is that Emma’s products are engineered with sleep scientists and experts and their goal is to improve the quality of sleep. Enough reasons to give Emma Sleep a try.

We spend nearly half of our lifetime in bed so let’s make our bedroom the perfect love sanctuary.

Time to put it to the test!

The mattress comes in a convenient box and is super easy to unpack. After unboxing you may smell a what seems a chemical oder, but luckily the smell  fades within a few days. I aired out the mattress for a couple of hours first, that might have helped. I am a belly sleeper, and tend to have some back pain. The mattress felt a bit harder than I’m used to, but after a good night of sleep without any back pain I was obviously super happy! I can honestly say; we now have an amazingly comfortable mattress at home. 

A special discount for you: Use code WANDERLUST and get an additional 6% off (on top of winter sale, up to 50% off) on all Emma sleep products online!*
*Valid till March 2022

Ready for a good night of sleep?

Besides a good mattress it’s also essential to have a good pillow that supports your neck, back and spine. Emma sleep offers pillows (obviously), and they exist out of 3 layers of foam, which all have a different purpose. I normally have soft pillows, but I do have the feeling that the firm pillows of Emma Sleep give more support when I sleep on my side, front and back! 

In full transparency, when I spoke with Emma about my hotel bedroom idea, they very generously gifted me the mattress and pillows.

So why Emma?

1. Guarantee

Each Emma mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee on the dimensional stability and durability of the mattress core.

2. Test 100 nights

Once your new Emma Mattress arrives, you will have 100 nights to decide whether or not it’s the perfect mattress for you. If you like it, you simply keep it. Amazing right!

3. Quick and easy delivery

The delivery takes about 7 days after your order. And as previously mentioned, the products come in a convenient box and it’s super easy to unpack!

Decorate your bedroom into a Hotel Room

Ok, so you’ve found your perfect mattress and pillow. Now it’s time to decorate your bedroom. You want your bedroom to feel as relaxing and cosy as a hotel room, so here are some beautiful items that will do the work!

1. Sheets 

Do you know that feeling when you step into your fresh made bed (after a nice warm shower) and experience that crispy feel of the sheets in your hotel bedroom. Hotel bed sheets are the best right?! Imagine yourself waking up every morning feeling relaxed like when you’re on holidays. I finally found sheets of Cotton Suite that are so soft and comfortable that do give you that feeling. The sheets of Cotton suite are produced and packaged sustainably, responsibly and organically. Trust me, you never want anything else after trying this out.

How to turn your bedroom into a hotel room

2. Print & Art colour your space

Hotels often display artwork in rooms. I’m a big fan of art and I was looking for an elegant print for my bedroom that compliment the rest of the furniture. I saw a few prints of Enkel Art studio exposed in the  Hoxton in Amsterdam, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Enkel Art studio is a Dutch print studio that offers handmade and unique prints for a reasonable price. Each print is one of a kind! They use acrylic paint and the bright colours make each piece special. I warn you, it’s hard to choose. 

3. Plants

More than ever before I’ve noticed plants in hotel rooms. They not only look beautiful and bright up your bedroom but they also have a purpose! They purify the air. So don’t forget to put some plants into your bedroom.

4. Night stand / side table 

Your night stand is not only easy for dumping your glasses, phone, book, AirPods etc.. It’s also a beautiful feature for your room and great to style with a lamp and maybe a plant! Check out the beautiful marble side table of Zara home and the mushroom lamp of Westwing.

5. Light

Hotel room lighting is fundamental to create the right atmosphere. I personally love lamps that create a romantic feel across the bedroom. I fell in love with the Georges Pale l’originell lamp, spotted at WSHS hotel in Gouda. This lamp is a real eye-catcher and brings an interesting element into the bedroom. This lamp comes in different colours and sizes. 

Light in the bedroom Pale, l'originelle Georges
My daughter Loulou sleeps next to me in this cute wooden cosleeper of Bednest!

6. Canopy

The canopy bed curtain are not only nice for kids but also for adults. You get immediately that warm and romantic feeling in your bedroom. Check out this beauty of numero 74.

7. Mirror Mirror

Right now, mirror shapes that are a little off, are quite popular. I was looking for a cheaper option of the pond mirror of Ferm living and I found one at H&M home. This gorgeous asymmetric-shaped mirror in glass is 99 euro (instead of 295 euro). 

Mirror bedroom

Enjoy a good night of sleep ❤️


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