Underwater restaurant Under

Norway just opened up the largest underwater restaurant, Under.

The restaurant located at the southern cape of Norway, is submerged halfway into the water, looking like it has tipped over. It will have seats for 100 guests, making Under the largest underwater restaurant to date.

The structure
Under is set 5.50 meter below sea level and designed by Snøhetta, a renowned Norwegian architectural & design firm.“The harsh, rough conditions in Lindesnes, have made it necessary to pay additional attention to the structure itself and the materials used when building it. The structure must be able to withstand enormous natural forces from the sea, changing weather, and powerful winds”,explains Arne Marthinsen.

Under Norway
Source: Under

The Menu
Being located in the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, the restaurant offers locally fresh fish that highlights the wonders of the sea. besides fish and fresh seaweed, they will prepare and serve wild sheep and fresh ingredients that they will get from local farmers. Head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard says; “My team and I work in close co-operation with local farmers, fishermen, hunters and harvesters to provide the freshest ingredients. In this way, we create flavourful, innovative dishes that reflect our landscape.”

Under menu
Sneak peak of the menu at Under

The drinks menu is also an experience. UNDER’s Sommelier has created a pairing menu to complete the cuisine of chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard. There is a non-alcoholic pairing menu available.

Marine Biology
At Under, there is more than just the dining experience. You get the chance to learn about marine life to complete your experience.

Water view restaurant Under

How to get there
Under is situated between the two cities Kristiansand and Stavanger. Both cities have airports with national and international flights. From there you can travel by car or train, but there are also boat charters available.

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Båly, Lindesnes Norway

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*All photo’s are courtesy of Under

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