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Unique hotels are a thing – to us at least.  And boy do we have a unique hotel to share with you. We recently stayed in Hotel Heavens which is located in a massive Church, in the middle of Hoorn. 

Hotel Heavens

This one-of-a-kind hotel opened back in July of 2022, so not too long ago. But its monumental location dates back to the 18th Century! With 43 rooms, including 15 suites, Hotel Heavens is located in the Big Church of Hoorn. From the moment you step inside, you feel you are in a very unique hotel. Carefully designed rooms have a rich color palette; from terra, honey, and clay, combined with gold, wood, and stone. Some suites have a large bath inside the room which is designed by Tortu – one of our favorite bathroom brands. But what we especially love, is that they’ve kept the original decor full of ornamental brickwork, pillars, arched frames, church windows, and round-arched windows with stained glass. 

Heavens hotel in a Church

Church windows Heavens Hoorn

The Saint

Downstairs, and also the entree of Hotel Heavens, you can find The Saint – the restaurant and lobby of the hotel. Full of alcoves, arches, and large windows, it’s a large space to enjoy lunch or dinner and drinks. We arrived in wintertime, but The Saint has a lovely terrace outside. We enjoyed dinner – mostly inspired by French cuisine. We think Hoorn will be very happy about this amazing boutique hotel in the city, with more visitors to welcome.

The Saint, Hoorn

Food at the Saint, Hoorn

Hotel Heavens
Grote Kerk 36, Hoorn
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