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Many travellers across the globe are waiting to hear when Bali will re-open for domestic and international tourists. We received an official statement from the Bali Government about the about the opening date of Bali. This is what we know now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious impact in various living sectors on Bali such as Health, social, but most of all the tourism sector which applies to the Balinese community in general. 

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The impact of COVID-19 on Bali

Incomes has dropped and with locals depending on tourism, it has been a very difficult time on the island. Therefore, the government has decided that two things must be done simultaneously. Firstly, improvement in handling COVID-19, bearing in mind that there is yet a vaccine or medicine to be found. Secondly, start activities and efforts to recover the Bali economy for the community. 

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So when can we re-visit Bali?

Indonesia is still categorised as a red zone and although it was said that travellers could possibly re-visit Bali and other Indonesian destinations in September, it has now been decided that international tourists are not allowed to enter until 2021. Government of Indonesia still applies policy that forbids its citizens to go abroad, at least until end of 2020. Also, the government of Indonesia has not opened entrance for international tourists into Indonesia until end of 2020. When exactly, is not yet possible.

However, the central government supports the Bali province plans to recover tourism by eventually re-opening for international tourists. However, this cannot be rushed, because an outbreak could be catastrophic for the island. Re-opening Bali, highly depends on the assessment on both domestic and international situations. Therefore we think it’s important we all do our part, and keep being careful at your current location. Therefore until end of 2020, the Bali provincial government will optimize efforts to bring in domestic tourist to Bali to recover Bali’s tourism and economy sector. 

We are all in this together, and whether you believe in a vaccin or not, tourism in Bali won’t be the same for a long time to come unfortunately. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the situation will turn around sooner rather than later.



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