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The Amsterdam Science Park will be transformed into a paradise of art and technology up until September. It’s called the Urban Campsite. This outdoor exhibition will make you feel like you’ve landed on a different planet while you’re still standing below sea level on Amsterdam ground. Urban Campsite combines technology and innovation in order to let you experience art in a new and unique way. Leave the city buzz behind, wake up your mind and let yourself get carried away in new perspectives. It’s time to go camping, 2017 style!

Sleeping on a different planet
At this outdoor exhibition you will not find any red lines that you aren’t allowed to cross, compelling “do not touch” signs and outrageous amounts of security cameras. Urban Campsite managed to find a way to let you experience art while combining it with one of my favorite activities: sleeping. The twelve enriching artworks are not just treats for your eyes; you can even stay the night in them. The objects are different in size, comfort and style. They’re all equipped with a comfy bed and a romantic light. Even the art object Homeless, which is practically a garbage ban, offers you comfort. For your wake-up shower and beauty routines you’ll have to go to the shared sanitary facilities. After all, this is an Urban Campsite, not an Urban Hotel. To see all the different installations check here.  You can also book your reservation on Airbnb and treat yourself on a night you won’t easily forget.

Univers 9, Urban Campsite
Where I slept; Universe 9

Waking up at Urban Campsite
Waking up at Urban Campsite

UrbanCampsite shows us science and art isn’t only a possible match, it’s also a match made in heaven.

The Art of Tech-Living
Besides the fact that it is extremely cool to sleep in an art installation, there is a little more to it. The goal of UrbanCampsite is to create a sustainable mini-society where visitors can experience how technology can make our lives more sustainable, yet comfortable at the same time. Every artwork tells it’s own story in this year’s theme The Art of Tech-Living. One of my favorites, Waiting for Water, from Stefanie Rittler and Sascha Henken. This pretty pink object provides a humorous but serious view on climate change; the residential will float if the sea level will get too high and floods the country. Sudio Valkenier also started a discussion with their see-though room a few meters above the ground, called Gigabed. It implies our current need to be available online at all times and the need to share our lives on social media. The bed offers you a great view, but don’t expect much privacy.

Waiting for water, Urban Campsite
Waiting for water – Stefanie Rittler & Sacha Henken. 

Pablo Picasso once said the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Urban Campsite gives you the unique opportunity to do so in only one night. Inhabit works of arts by artists and designer and treat all your senses on something new. UrbanCampsite shows us science and art isn’t only a possible match, it’s also a match made in heaven.



Urban Campsite (UCA)
Sciencepark, Amsterdam

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