Vascobelo’s V-Bar is more than just coffee

Coffee and Tea, we all love it. It’s a culture that’s been imprinted in our lives since we know it. I can drink tea all day and I love one cup of coffee during the day. (with soy milk because I can’t handle the espresso yet). With that said, I couldn’t refuse the offer to experience a tea tasting morning at the newly opened V-Bar on Stadionplein.


is a Belgian coffee brand that’s been around since 1998 and evolved in Antwerpen where you will find the world’s largest coffee port. After a long successful coffee-selling period, Vascobelo decided to open their first V-Bar back in 2015. At the moment you can find 6 of those spread over Antwerp, Haarlem, Eindhoven and Amsterdam who has 3 locations. The interior of the V-bar is elegant yet comfortable. Maybe it’s because they build and created their own bookshelves and tables or maybe it’s because their CEO inspired them with his sense of design, the same type that you will find at the home of the founding family De Roeck in Antwerp. The AD Newspaper (a prominent newspaper in the Netherlands) recently voted their coffee the 3rd best in the Netherlands! Things are going well. But not many people know that there’s is more to the V-Bar than just coffee. Besides the very taste coffee beans, they also serve a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu plus a delicious set of tea’s from Theodor.

V-Bar in Amsterdam
The staff at V-Bar take their job very seriously

The Story of Tea
China and Japan are the trendsetters when it comes to tea. The Europeans discovered it and took it back with them and the world was all about tea before coffee even came to mind. But what is tea exactly? You’ll be surprised if I told you that the stuff you buy in your local supermarket isn’t the real deal. Especially the “tea” with flavors are full of added sugars and additives to give you a certain flavor. So if you think you’re being healthy, you’re basically drinking hot lemonade.. Crazy right? Well, at Vascobelo’s V-Bar you can enjoy real tea leaves with natural flavors where nothing needs to be added. 

Tea Tasting at V-Bar Amsterdam
A bag of supermarket tea with pieces of sugar

Tea Tasting at V-Bar Amsterdam
Tea leaves and how it suppose to look

Did You Know?
» That Rooibos isn’t a tea? It’s actually a herb from South Africa
» Green Tea naturally contains a lot of caffeine
» Never add boiling water onto your tea leaves. Leave it for a minute or 2 after boiling before poring it.

Tea and bites at V-Bar
Tea and bites

Enough reason to visit the newly opened V-Bar at Stadionplein in Amsterdam. And who knows, you might choose a cup of real tea over their amazing coffee!

Stadionplein 105, Amsterdam



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