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Summer is well on its way and we are carefully daydreaming about planning a holiday. Whether it’s a staycation in your home country or a foreign trip, there are always a few good items to pack and we have some new products to tip!

This time we want to focus on sustainable products with natural ingredients and that are also easy to take along. We recently discovered the website Salontopper where you can buy an extensive line of hair and skin products. There are over 200 brands (!) to choose from of which many are cruelty free, vegan friendly and better for the environment. With so much choice it’s pretty impossible not to find a product that suits your skin or hair type. However, we wanted to highlight some travel friendly products that we think you will love.

Here are some of our favourite products:


Going plastic free has been a hot topic over the last few years but we can finally see a shift coming. The brand Shampoobars wants to make the world a better place, with less plastic. For example, they offer a completely plastic-free shower range with the aim of making bathrooms plastic free as a the standard. Furthermore, they are handmade in the Netherlands, so locally produced which is always good.


Did you know that one shampoo bar replaces 3 plastic bottles and lasts an average of 80 washes?

Pretty crazy to think we are still using plastic shampoo bottles while it’s not even necessary. Not sure which one to pick? There is a suitable shampoo bar for every hair type. For example, there is a Shampoo Bar with anti-dandruff effect or there is a shampoo bar specially developed for dry or oily hair. In addition to the shampoo bar, they also have conditioner bars and body bars. All shampoo and conditioner bars are cruelty free, silicone free, paraben free, SLS free, plastic free + almost all variants are vegan. For travellers, this product is brilliant because it’s super easy to pack. Shampoobars are available from 7,95 and you can also purchase handy adds ons like a tin travel can.


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Dry Shampoo by Maria Nila

If you are looking for a vegan friendly and cruelty free hair product, definitely look into this product. Especially for the ladies out there, easy and quick hair solutions are of importance nowadays. So, dry shampoo is the solution for more time on your hands, thank god for this invention. However, not all dry shampoo brands offer vegan and climate-friendly options.

vegan dry shampoo

Maria Nila’s products are 100% vegan, which makes Maria Nila a unique brand that produces cruelty-free and climate-friendly hair care. Obviously we tested many brands but this dry shampoo refreshes and strengthens your hair. The powdery formula which you easily spray onto your hair roots, give you more volume. Besides, it ensures that you don’t have to wash your hair as often. In addition, this dry shampoo offers protection against UV radiation. Hello summer!

Oway Materia

To be honest, I was never a big fan of washing our bodies with soap. Therefore I was a little sceptical about soapy body bars. However, I tried & tested the Oway Materia body soap bar and I was pleasantly surprised. The bar provides a purifying and antioxidant effect in cleaning your face and body. Oh, and it smells pretty damn good too! Mainly thanks to the 100% natural purifying olive oil and other precious vegetable oils, it also provides a nourishing and protective effect for the skin. Thanks to the organic poppy leaves, it removes impurities from your skin and keeps it soft.

vegan Materia body bar

Besides this, Oway is the first brand in the world of international cosmetics to choose to package products in glass and aluminum material. This method of packaging is the least harmful to the environment and all products are also 100% recyclable. This bar is available for just €6,95 at Salontopper.

All in all, some vegan and climate friendly products to bring along on your next summer trip, staycation or not!

Happy pampering,


*This article was written in collaboration with Salontopper. We choose our partnerships carefully so we can tip you the best and honest products.

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