vegan restaurants in Amsterdam that offer take away


During this lockdown, we try to support restaurant owners and food businesses as much as possible. But this time we want to shed some light on those that contribute to animal welfare plus a more sustainable world.

Therefore we’ve created a list of 18 amazing vegan friendly restaurants that offer take-out or home delivery. 

Mr & Mrs Watson

Needless to say, that these two power women created something special with their vegan restaurant in Amsterdam East. Most famous for their vegan cheese (seriously, try it!), they currently also offer a killer vegan take-away menu including a vegan cheese fondue! Read more about this amazing place here.

Vegan cheese Watson


This high class vegan restaurant at the KNSM-island, has been getting amazing reviews from customers. During the lockdown you can order a three-course menu for €34,-. The menu changes every month or so, so keep an eye out on their website or Instagram.

Bonboon Amsterdam vegan restaurant


With so many shops across Amsterdam, you can always find a SLA shop nearby. During the first lockdown it took a while for them to find their new balance but now they have it all figured out. Order your favourite vegan (or veggie) salads at


MOAK Pancakes

We want to highlight this amazing pancake place because they do not only serve vegan pancakes, but they also support the hospital staff by serving them occasional free pancakes and juices. Well done guys, time to return the favour. Moak currently offers a vegan brunch for 2 persons for €40 that includes vegan pancakes, slow juices and two ginger shots to keep your immune system strong. You can order by phone and pick it up at one of their locations in Amsterdam.


We’ve been coming to Roots since they first opened in Amsterdam. Besides offering nutritious & healthy catering, they focus on vegan and raw food and currently offer delivery via UberEats.

Roots delivery

Deer Mama

If you love cakes and sweets, this is the best place to order your vegan cravings from. Deer Mama delivers cakes, burgers and more during the weekends (Fr- Sun) and you can order them via the link in their bio .

Deer mama vegan mylk & burger bar


Plenty of choice at Spirit as they are a walking buffet restaurant. To be fair, they are a bit pricey if you ask us, but the food is truly amazing so you pay for what you get. In the meantime they only offer take away from the Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam.


This vegan deli shop in Amsterdam already offered take-out so nothing much changed. You can also shop here for other food products, for example; fermented jars, vegan cheese, cakes and hot food.


Vleesch Noch Visch

The best (vegan) gyros in town! This food truck is based in Amsterdam West (near Westerpark) and offers home delivery via the large delivery services! 

vleesch-noch-visch delivery

Vegan Junkfood Bar

If you crave for a greasy vegan burger with fries and vegan mayonnaise, order at the Vegan Junkfood Bar. The name says it all.

Meatless district

To be fair, they’ve changed from a vegetarian restaurant into a full vegan place, which is great! Don’t think you are going to eat carrots or other rabbit food here, this restaurant offers high quality vegan food that you want to order again and again. 

Meatless district take away

Mastino V

Pizza time! The kind of food delivery has to be the pizza. Mastino V offers the first ever gluten free and vegan pizza’s in Amsterdam and we are damn happy about that. In present time you can only order from Friday to Sunday.

Mastino Vegan pizza Amsterdam

Beter & Leuk

Offering a full vegetarian and vegan menu! Located in east-Amsterdam, this breakfast & lunchroom is great for chilling out.
Besides the nice coffee, they also serve the infamous Dutch Weedburger! You can also buy jewellery, clothes and healthy food items. Sounds like a great place right?! 

Little Plant Pantry

This is not just a vegan food joint. The Little Plant Pantry is a plant-based speciality food store and café in Amsterdam city centre, which absolutely is worth a visit. Read more about this special place.


Super tasty, super healthy and completely vegan are the pretty bowls from Rainbowls! Located in Amsterdam “De Pijp”, you can order by phone and take-out.

Rainbowls Amsterdam

Soil Vegan Café

This vegan and raw café is bringing innovating take-out and delivery. Moving their kitchen gear and coffee machine to the front, you can order some tasty vegan take-out. Try the peanut butter curry and the fiery tempeh sandwich, nomnomnom!

Vegan Sushibar

To be honest, every food delivery list should include some sushi right? Well, this vegan sushi bar offers just that, guilty free!

Vegan sushi bar

Mr Blou I Love You

Maybe you haven’t heard of this place, but Mr. Blou I Love You is a household (vegan) name amongst the food trucks in Amsterdam. This vegan restaurant on wheels offers salads, falafel, wraps, soups, vegan cakes and smoothies for take-out! @mrblouiloveyou

Enjoy your vegan take-away and stay safe!


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