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Vintage shopping around the world

I have traveled a lot and one thing I love to do is walking around and find that piece that you keep with you for ever. From luxury goods in London to quirky finds in Panama, to vintage shopping in Amsterdam or New York, I can easily wander away for hours or a whole day.

Hereby a few of my best vintage shopping spots across the globe.

1. New York – Beacons Closet

Beacon’s Closet has become one of the most well-known, oft-visited buy-sell-trade stores in New York, scouted by TV stylists, dug through by the fashion-conscious, and thoroughly searched by students and those on a budget.

These chic little shops are stuffed with stylish, lightly used downtown essentials and groovy vintage pieces


I’m a big fan of Beacons Closed – a closing exchange store – that offer an awesome mix of used modern and vintage clothing at reasonable prices for both men and women. There are 4 stores, all located in New York.

 Beacons Closet 1 Beacons Closet 2 

The store buys, sells, and trades vintage and modern clothing, shoes, and accessories, with the public. You don’t wait for your items to sell before you receive your money, you get cash or trade on the spot. You don’t have to make an appointments, just walk in! You’ll likely come across designer goods, with brands like Marc Jacobs & Christian Dior. Drop by and exchange your own worn clothes for 35 percent of the resale value in cash, or 55 percent of store credit for your next purchase.

For more info >
Address > 74 Guernsey St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, Verenigde Staten

2. London – Camden Town

Firstly, London itself is great for vintage shopping, but Camden Town really takes the credit. Having been there many times, you know you’re always going to find something good. Camden town used to be a place for punks and rockers and home to many famous artists. Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Coldplay, they’ve all lived around the corner and Pink Floyd has even played gigs there. No wonder that it has attracted many people from across the world. What used to be an old stable area has turned into an amazing place full of clothes, art, jewellery and food courts. 

Camden town, London

3. New York – Buffalo Exchange

There are 45 Buffalo stores and 3 franchises in 17 states. Similar to Beacons Closet , Buffalo Exchange has an awesome mix of new and vintage clothing that sell awesome clothes for both men and women.


Bring in your former favourites for trade or cash on the spot! There ever-changing inventory includes designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, basics and one-of-a-kind items. You’ll also find brand new merchandise and accessories.


For more info >
Address > 109 Boerum Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11201

4. San Francisco – Wasteland

As a result, Wasteland is always a reflection of the moment — art, music, history and the now. Wasteland is a secondhand store that reflects the sensibility and style of the surrounding neighbourhood. This store inspires customers to create a new one-of-a-kind look when shopping here.


There are four stores, located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Studio City. The stores sell clothes for both men and women from a variety of famous brands. You can sell your clothes at the store. If you bring your worn clothing to Wasteland the store might buy some pieces in exchange for store credit.

I really fell in love with this glitter skirt!

For more info >
Address > 1660 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

5. Thailand – Night Markets

I’ve already been to Thailand a couple of times. It’s still one of my fave countries to visit. As you probably know not only food is cheap but also shopping! Markets around Bangkok offer fascinating shopping experiences with great opportunities to find one of a kind pieces during the night. Besides shopping you will find the most odd food like bugs, grasshoppers, sea horses etc. You can combine shopping, food and sightseeing into one.

According to me one of the best shopping markets is across MBK center. 

6. Panama – Casco Viejo

One Sunday a month there is a vibrant flea market and food fair that takes over Plaza Cathedral. Meet locals, listen to live music and sample food from local restaurants who set up stalls on the edge of the action. In the old historical center of this lovely neighborhood you’ll find numerous trendy bars and typical Panamanian restaurants that serve lovely local food as well as international dishes. On this flea market you can stroll around the various stalls for food, live music or shop for traditionally hand knit Panamanian bags and hats.

2014-03-01 18.01.03

Happy with my colourful handmade Colombian Wayuu Mochila bag that I bought for only 65 USD.



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