While travelling around the world is impossible right now, there are other ways to dream of new destinations. Virtual Travelling is a hit amongst those that want to be away from home, at home.

Tourism organisations and destinations agencies have been creative over the last few months in order to give the stay at home traveller what they seek. Besides that, Virtual Travel is eco-friendly, better for your wallet and minimises the impact of mass tourism. Time to explore. These are some of the best Virtual Travel destinations that will take you around the world. All you need is some VR glasses/gear and you are good to go.

Besides travel, Virtual After Work Drinks are hot!

Faroe Islands

As many other countries have, the tourism on the Faroe Islands have shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the Visit Faroe Islands tourism board created a virtual travel experience, where ‘visitors’ can remotely control a local who is mounted with a live video camera. Users can explore the islands’ scenery with the human avatar, using a joypad to make the local run, walk, jump and even board a helicopter as they go. During the daily, hour-long broadcasts, viewers get one-minute long turns at the controls.

Virtual Travel, Faroe Islands

Walk The Great Wall of China

If you’ve always wanted to see what it really looks like to stand on the Great Chinese Wall, this is currently the closest you are going to get. On this website you can take a walk around the wall by clicking on the arrows that will take you further along. We did find navigating a but tricky, but it’s worth a go.

Visit Switzerland by train

As you may know, we are huge fans of Switzerland! After travelling around the country a few times, it has been jaw dropping every time. One of the things we love about Switserland, is that you can travel around the whole country by train and enjoy all the scenery. With this in mind, My Switzerland has created a virtual travel train tour so you can enjoy the best parts.

National Parks in the US

Since your hiking boots are not going to see any daylight soon, you might as well visit some of the world’s most beautiful National Parks from your sofa at home. By visiting The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks website, you will experience the likes of Alaska’s fjords, Utah’s Canyon and even swim around in the Dry Tortugas in Florida.

Virtual Travel in Utah

Virtual travel company Ascape, has seen app downloads grow 60 percent from December and double since January

Discover Australia

With Australia being as far as it has ever been, it’s a good thing that virtual travel is here. Whether you want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef (without harming the coral), walk around in Sydney or visit the impressive Uluru in the Outback.

Virtual Travel Australia
Western Australia. Photo by Visit Australia


In the light of missing out of a beachy destination this summer (or longer!), we advise you to check out this 360 VR video of the Maldives. Images of immaculate white beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water will make you feel zen in no time.

Fly over Mount Everest by Helicopter

This one is for the thrill seekers. This video will take you in and outside a helicopter ride from start to finish. You feel like you’re sitting next to the pilot and you can really imagine what it would be like, flying at soaring heights. If you are afraid of heights, you may want to pass on this one.

All things considered, of course we understand that Virtual Travel will never be able to compare with real travel experiences, but for now it is as close as we are going to get. On the positive side, these virtual reality video’s might be a nearby solution for those who can’t travel due to financial circumstances or those that want to travel more sustainable.

Can’t wait to travel again?

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