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Known for its wintersport season, Nendaz also makes an excellent destination for summer with your family! It overlooks the pretty Valais Valley which looks especially lush during summer.

Whether you fly or drive to Nendaz, it’s easy to get to because its not far from Genèva. We drove by car (thanks Peugeot for the amazing 3008 HYbrid car!) 

Nendaz Hiking Panorama Path

Where to stay in Nendaz

We stayed at Hotel Les Etagnes. This hotel is owned by a Dutch couple who bought the place back in 2006. Located right next to the gondela station, it’s a favourite for Après Ski in the winter and an Apèrol Spritz during the summer season. Nice to know, Les Etagnes also rents out apartments. This is a big tip to all families with kids: Rent an apartment when you have the option! Having separate children rooms basically means some relaxing time for mummy and daddy without having to be quiet when your little ones are in bed. We even enjoyed a Netflix night with popcorn! If you have a kitchen which most apartments do, you can easily travel Switzerland on a budget because supermarkets aren’t too expensive if you compare it to the Netherlands.

Les Etagnes terrace
Beer with a view at Les Etagnes

Bedroom Les Etagnes Apartments

If you want to stay somewhere extra special, you can now spend the night in THE CUBE. This mobile home is currently located on the mountain overlooking the valley. Local craftsmen created this modern style tiny house. Up until the 19th of September you can book a night which includes chairlift rides, electric bike hire and a test ride in a Mercedes 4×4 EQA!

Hotel Les Etagnes Nendaz
The view from our apartment

Activities in Nendaz

During summer it’s needless to say that hiking is your get go here. We’ve obviously got a few tips for you. Take the gondola up the mountain (next to Les Etagnes) and you can hike the Panorama Path that you can easily walk with your kids. This family friendly hike is adventurous but do-able for small kids also. Although this hike isn’t suitable for strollers, a baby carrier is the solution.

Up with the lift in Nendaz
Going up with Nendaz down in the valley

Panorama trail
The Panorama path hike

Girl walking across Lake Clauson Nendaz

But one of the best trails to take in Nendaz is the one going up to Lake Cleuson. If you want to take some amazing pictures, this is the one to go to! Mind you, it takes up to 2 hours and is 11km long, so be sure not to take children that are too small. We actually drove up, but only found out that we weren’t allowed on the way back, oops! It’s suppose to be a private road, but because we saw many cars coming down, and no clear “prohibited” signs, we took the chance. The road is very narrow, so be warned! Once up, you can walk across the massive dam that hold the lake’s water. You can also walk around the lake for epic shots. 

Lake Cleuson Switserland

Other activities include mountain biking, zip-lining but there is also an outdoor swimming pool with an amazing view of the mountains called Spa des BissesCheck the summer program before you arrive, there is lot’s to do in Nendaz, for young and old! Good to know: All lifts are open until the 31st of October!

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