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Theme Parks, oh how we love it. As kids for obvious reasons, but also as adults! After visiting Phantasialand and Europa-Park not too long ago, it was time to check out one of our favorite theme parks in the Netherlands; De Efteling. Now, we have experienced the park during spring/summer, but we always wondered how it would be during the winter. We tried and tested; Winter Efteling.

Indische Waterlelies Efteling

Winter Efteling

So what’s the difference you may ask? For starters, you need a warm jacket, but rest assured, visiting the Efteling during the winter is a lot of fun. There is the “Warme Winter Weide“, a place for glühwein, hot chocolate, ice-skating, and music performances to get you into that cozy winter spirit. The lights in the park.

Steam train Efteling

Symbolica snow

There are plenty of inside rides such as Symbolica, Carnaval Festival, Vogel Rok, and let’s not forget about the various day-shows. If you stay the night in one of the hotels, you pay only €12,50 for the incredible show CARO for the whole family. Depending on whether you are visiting the park with kids, we have a few tips. Check out some our favourite rides below!

Top Rides Efteling

Staying at the Efteling

Honestly, in order to experience the Winter Efteling at its best, as one day isn’t really enough in our opinion. We advise you to stay the night in one of their hotels/holiday homes. We stayed at Bosrijk, a family park situated in a forest with a lake. You can rent houses, but we stayed in Het Landhuys – a hotel with bunk beds for kids, a living space, a bathroom, and a large bed. Breakfast is included and is pretty decent! Make sure to make a reservation in advance, as breakfast spots fill up quickly. Hotel guests can enter the park 30 minutes ahead of regular day guests, so, therefore, you want to book yourself a slot.

Bosrijk Efteling, Landhuys
Our room at ‘t Landhuys

Hope you have fun during your next visit to the Efteling!

*Winter Efteling is open until the 6th of March 2023. Outside rides are open if the weather allows it. 

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