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Memorable (holi)days don’t have to be made at the other side of the globe. Staycations in our own handsome country are a rising star. Or what about booking a trip in your own city? Maybe it’s something you never ever considered before, but…think twice!

No hours of travelling, no long lines at the Airport. Maybe you need a little help from mr. Google Maps, and in a split second ‘you’ve reached your destination.’ Let’s introduce you to our staycation at the six years old Volkshotel, located in the upcoming, fun-loving Amsterdam East. Correspondingly, its place where there’s life 24/7 and creativity flows. One to keep in mind. Scroll further to read the why’s!

Volkshotel, hotel of the creative hood

Normally we kick-off with a brief intro to a hotel, restaurant or picture-perfect city. This time we switch things up a bit. Because they have such a catchy elevator pitch, we’ve to CTRL+C, CTRL + V it: ‘Volkshotel is a place for single moms. For Stockbrokers and punk rockers. For dandies and poets. Dishwashers and Underwater Welders. For biologists, night bloomers and artists. A place for everyone.

This is a hotel of the people. This is Volkshotel.

Volkshotel with a 60’s exterior

And what about the name? Volkshotel refers to De Volkskrant, one of the biggest quality newspapers of the Netherlands. The all-round hotel is located in the former head quarter of this paper. Besides the attention-grabbing name, also the interior reminds of the good-old days. The hotel corridors are filled with magnified, immense newspaper cut outs. Lovely to see the old and new are blended.

Not your regular stay

The Berlin-inspired Volkshotel is home to 177 rooms, ranging from not-your-typical-hotel-hangout to enormous hideaways. With this in mind, the amazing view – thanks to the huge window – and the creative outbursts everywhere. Because we people love to categorise things, let’s say Volkshotel is ‘easy-going’, ‘a creative hub in all its fibers’ and ‘reasonably priced.’ Don’t expect your usual hotel entrance with door- and bellboys, and a prominent reception. From moment #1 it’s the relaxed, home-away-from-home vibe that’s in the lead.

And a little side note about the price: They’ve categorised their rooms in cabins (shared bathroom), XS, M, L, XL, wheelchair friendly rooms and special rooms, so you can always find the right fit for your budget. We told you, creative minds indeed! Furthermore, Volkshotel is expanding! Their second creative hub will pop up in Rotterdam. Keep an eye on our channels to get to know when the moment suprême is.

Special Rooms

Next to the different standard rooms, there are also nine special rooms. And if we say ‘special’, we really mean ‘special.’ On a drizzly Wednesday we were invited for a staycation in the Volkshotel. A place which is bursting with creativity. That’s why they gave a mixture of nine young designer talents the chance to ‘go crazy’ with the concept. No boundaries, carte blanche it was. ‘If you could design a Volkshotel room, what would you do?’

Hotelroom Volkshotel Amsterdam

From trash to playful setting

We stayed in the special room called ‘Lost & Found.’ The name refers to all the – once loved – materials found in the charming streets of Amsterdam. Probably, at first glance you’ll see it as junk, rubbish, garbage, rubble, clutter. Think twice. That’s what the young designer François Duquesnoy did as well. He saw the value of trash and took this thought to the next level in the special room ‘Lost & Found.’ For example, the bed is made of characteristic doors and a coat rack now acts as an eye-catching lamp. A really out-of-the-box hotel room. A room with an astonishing panorama over Amsterdam. Ever mentioned our own cute capital has a kind of a skyline? Yes, we have. This scenery never gets boring. And in case you’d like to change of scenery, you can binge watch Netflix with the beamer. All. Night. Long.

Volkshotel Amsterdam bedroom
Lost & Found room at Volkshotel Sneak peek of the special designer room

Mix & Match

Volkshotel has much more in store for you than just the hotel part. A well-organised ratatouille of restaurant Canvas, intimate soundbar Doka, café, co-working spaces, business rooms and…the workplace to be for creative minds: ‘Broedplaats.’ An amazing blend of work and pleasure all under one roof. Let’s zoom in on that first one, the culinary spot Canvas situated at the 7th floor. An atmospheric place where your ‘canvas’ is always blank. Fill it with a colourful wakey-breaky, grab those nibbles at social drink o’clock or go for a three-course dinner a sunset. Burgundians till vega(n)s, feel welcome in this casual, cosy, reasonably priced spot with a 360° view over beautiful Amsterdam. And the staff? With flair and a tiny pinch of craziness, but all-day without fuss and fakeness. Worth exploring!

Canvas Amsterdam

Canvas dinner Volkshotel
Volkshotel’s Canvas, a culinary must-try

Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam

And last but not least, ready for a staycation? Volkshotel has a special offer in those tumultuous times: one night and dinner for two for €150,-. Or book a dinner + special room for €220,-. Experience the Volkshotel yourself! Book your staycation here.

Sweet dreams!



*Photo credits header foto, Volkshotel exterior, photo bed and interieur Canvas – Debbie Trouerbach

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