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Who are Wander-Lust?

  • We started Wander-Lust back in 2014/2015. Time for a little introduction about who we are and what we do.

Who are Wander-Lust?

Wander-Lust was founded by Elke Salverda and Sarah Reinhoudt back in 2014. We launched our website in 2015 though. Our extreme passion for travel is what thrives us. Just like you, we love to explore this beautiful world and see all the treasures it has to offer. We are 2 completely different women, but discovered we like to travel in the same way; preferably without a tourist guide (even though there is nothing wrong with some good guidance), far away from the tourist attractions and we want to taste and feel the real cultures.

This platform is for people who like to take a different turn and step away from the usual. Meet new people, find the best places to eat, or drink amazing cocktails. Find that hostel you never want to leave or fall in love with a village and the people in it. Both of us experienced some crazy beautiful things and discovered the most amazing places whilst traveling. Our main secret? We hang out as much with the locals as possible. This way you can really experience the treasures of the world in the way it’s meant to be. We’ve all seen the all-inclusive hotels, the famous temples or the packed beaches.


Off the Beaten Track

  • You want something different.
  • You want to wake up in places we couldn’t possibly have dreamed of.
  • You want to find that secret dinner place where the locals eat.
  •  You want to dance around a campfire on a deserted beach.

Just like you; We » Have » Wanderlust. Please enjoy our travel themes, Off the Beaten Track destinations and travel tips!

Elke & Sarah

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