We must admit, Summer turning into the colder season, has been a little difficult to accept. If you live in a continent where the cold is getting the better of you, keep on reading. Here are 5 warm cities in Europe to head off to.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Coming in at number one is the capital of Cyprus. We’ve already highlighted this spot in our warm winter destinations article, so it’s no surprise we wanted to include it. Because Cyprus is one of the far eastern European countries, warm weather is running through to November with mild temperatures in December. Making its capital Nicosia one of the warmest cities to be in. 

Valetta, Malta

This island maybe tiny, it’s also one of the warmest places to be in Europe right now. If you visit Malta only for a few days, be sure to read our 4-day Malta guide!

Valetta Malta, warm city

Seville, Spain

Sunny Seville has proven over the years that the city has a mild climate with a lot of sunny hours, and is a lovely place to visit. Nevertheless, Seville also has some rain and cold, but most people will tell you, they had mild winter temperatures and felt pretty warm during their visit. 

Crete, Greece

Another place in Greece that fails to disappoint. Crete is big enough to keep discovering, so do go Off the Beaten Track while you are there. For example, visit the far westside of the island and skip the busy Eastside. The city we visited and particularly loved is called Chora Sfakion. if you’re curious, check our article about Southwest Crete.

Chora Sfakion Crete, warm cities in Europe
Chora Sfakion, Crete

Hvar, Croatia

The sunniest place in Croatia – the slogan used to lure tourists to the city. But are they right? To emphasise, Hvar has about 2800 sunshine hours per year, making it indeed the sunniest island in the country. We travelled to this city in late September, so we can verify that we felt high temperatures, while in the Netherlands it was raining. 

Hvar Croatia, warm cities in Europe
Sunny Hvar, Croatia

Hopefully, these warm cities in Europe can take those winter blues away. Can’t get enough of warm weather? Check the article below! 


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