How to get through a second lockdown


We are back to square one, sort of. The Dutch government has decided to close all restaurant and cafes for at least four weeks to bring the rising COVID cases down. A bitter pill for many businesses, but necessary to say the least. So, what can we do to make these times less challenging for ourselves?

A few tips to get through this second lockdown.

Don’t get stressed out

This is easily said than done, understandably. But extra stress and anxiety during this period is the last thing we need. You may experience personal stress, financial stress or family stress. Mental coach Martha Hawkinson has a few tips;

  • Having a positive attitude.
  • Turning off the news before it increases your level of stress and anxiety.
  • Limiting your social media consumption.
  • Act with kindness and grace.
  • Finding fun activities to do while you are at home during quarantine.
  • Keep that body moving. If you don’t like the gym, walk for one hour at least, preferably in nature. 
  • Eat Healthy and regain energy this way. Here are a few recipes to boost your immune system.
  • Virtually keep in touch with your friends and family. Plan those calls, have a virtual after work drink with colleagues!

Stress during lockdown

Get a new hobby

Now is the time to (finally) get those paint brushes out, renovate your house or write that memoir you have long thought of. Which ever hobby you choose, there hasn’t been a better time to do so. Although some hobby’s may be more expensive than others, we’ve lined up 11x low cost hobbies that you can do from your home.

Hobbies while in lockdown

Work that body

It has been proven that physical exercise can reduce your stress levels. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be sweating it at the gym 7 days a week. Daily walks, yoga or even meditation can count for something. As long as you get your butt off the sofa where we tend to scroll through our social media for hours on end. Furthermore, YouTube is filled with home exercise video’s for every level. Our favourites are Pop sugar Fitness, Mad Fit and that tiny doll Pamela Reif. These women will tone your body in no time!

Bring your favourite destination home

If you have the travelbug just like us, it’s hard enough that we haven’t been able to travel for months, but there are ways to ease the wanderlust. For example, you can order your favourite foreign food and support your locals at the same time. In fact, you can order a new cuisine each week. Vietnamese on Tuesday, Mexican on Thursday, Thai on Saturday and American Pancakes on Sunday to name a few. Additionally, you can travel to Asia without booking a flight.

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe

Focus on the upsides of the lockdown

The upsides? Yes, there are some positive ways to look at this lockdown. In the first place, the environment. With less planes in the air, less traffic on the road and the closure of some factories, Earth is taking a well deserve breath. It’s not enough to save us from climate change, but it’s a chance for us to start again, and do it better. Watch Sir Attenborough’s new documentary A Life On Our Planet and you will see. Follow organisations like Justdiggit and learn about what you can do. For example, travel less and more sustainable.


Secondly, we now have something we didn’t have before; time! Do with it what you want, but now you can focus more on your kids, family or perhaps some more selflove. In the sometime, we are more grateful about what we have and you appreciate your freedom a lot more. Until now we didn’t know much about this new virus, but it has also taught the world that we must be ready for something if it happens again. Furthermore, in this second lockdown, the gyms remain open, children can continue to go to school 

These times are indeed challenging but there is always light at the end of the COVID tunnel. If you have anymore tips on how to get though this second lockdown, tell us in the comments!

Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Safe,


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