Wanderlust baby

We want to share some personal and exiting news with you..

At Wander-Lust we focus on giving you as much information as possible about special destinations, hidden treasures, new food spots and travel tips. When you follow us on Instagram you will notice that we are less personal than some other “bloggers” and that’s because we want you to gain interest in travel and get the information you may seek instead of looking at our boring faces all the time ;-).  However, it’s always nice to know the girls behind the blog/website so by now you have a fair idea who we are, where we come from and what are passions are. We want you to relate to us when you read an article and we hope to inspire you with the things we do and the stuff we’ve learned along the way! A new period in my life has began (or will begin) and I think it’s time to share this exiting news with you guys… 

There is a Wanderlust-baby on the way!
Yes, I’m pregers and I’ve been pregnant for a whole 6 months now!! It’s my first child and I have no idea what’s happening so I’m pretty exited as you can imagine. This hasn’t stopped me from traveling so this is why you may not have noticed before :-).  Coming to my 7th month, airlines won’t let me fly anymore so all long distance travels will be done by Sarah and our guest bloggers the coming period.


Wanderlust Baby
Sneezing at posing at the same time. Didn’t know I could do that but hey!

What does this mean for Wander-Lust? 
Not a lot will change. At least, not on our website. During the last month in my pregnancy, I will take it a bit easier and Sarah will take over some of the work. We are also lucky to have 7 amazing guest bloggers that will travel and discover all the hotspots so you won’t miss out on anything! After that I am planning to continue as usual only I will have more to write about! I will discover destinations with extra angles and I’m sure there are many parents amongst our readers so extra travel tips are coming your way in 2017! So what’s on our agenda? Well, Sarah will fly to Bali mid December where she will be for 3 weeks with fellow blogger Marlieke (@cottenandcream), photographer Ilsoo van Dijk, (FatKidsCake) and model Reno Sluyter. Foodie Sharmaine will fly to Zurich on the 13th of December for a culinary trip and guest blogger Eva will move mountains in Austria on a awesome ski trip in Januari! Besides this we are planning a lot more for 2017..

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I’m ready for this new chapter in my life and I can’t wait to show my wanderlust-baby the world!


*Photo’s are by Lotte Manou Photography for BeBoldandBeautiful.nl

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