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Having kids doesn’t mean you should stop wandering. You can still travel the world! However, it only needs some extra preparation. You might regret packing and carrying too much and not using it at the end. Or you may forget some key items that could make your trip so much easier. 

Your first trip with your newborn is exciting to say the least, but it can also be a bit scary. What if you forget something important? Carrying a stroller, a carrier and a baby is already a lot to handle. Next to your own luggage, can you imagine another suitcase on top of all that… Help! While it’s tempting to overpack, you will regret packing too much. Scroll down and check what to pack when traveling with a baby.

Travel documents for your baby

It’s not rocket science, however a very important travel essential! It seems unlikely but this is something that is often forgotten by new parents. Make sure you plan in enough time to arrange the travel document of your baby. It takes some time to create a photo and to make an appointment, be well prepared in advance. 

The Baby carrier

A life saver if you ask me. We used our carrier every day and everywhere on my holidays. Most of the times for small day trips or when the baby doesn’t want to sleep. Artipoppe is our carrier of choice. It doesn’t only looks incredible, you have your hands free while keeping your baby close to you.  That’s exactly what you want and need when traveling. If you go to a sunny destination make sure to bring a sun hat.

Bringing your Stroller

Brining a stroller is an absolute musthave! They make traveling with a baby much easier. First of all, you can use it as a baby bed because newborns or small baby’s are often too small for a baby bed they offer at hotels. Bring it to the beach if your baby has a nap while you are relaxing (if that’s possible). You probably have your own personal preferences as there are so many great stroller options out there, but this one from Bugaboo is definitely our favourite when it comes to comfort and style. 

Diaper / Shopper bag

Most important rule: never leave the house without extra clothes, diapers, wipes and food. So make sure to pack your diaper bag carefully and put everything you think you would need in here, better save then sorrow. I love the Koeka lifestyle bag which is big enough and which you can attach to your stroller. Bring your bag on your flight with you and make sure to pack extra clothes!

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Diapers & wipes

I’m a big fan of Lillydoo since they offer skin-friendly baby care products which are free of perfume and parabens. Unfortunately, not every supermarket (especially abroad) sells products that suit your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin so make sure to bring enough of your own favourite diapers and wipes. If sustainability is important to you, go for their Lilydoo Green line. These diapers are plastic free. 

Changing mat

This mat not only looks cute, it’s also super handy for travel, very soft and thick enough so your baby feels comfortable. You also won’t need to worry about finding places where you can change your baby if you have this changing mat with you. My favourite mat is the soft and practical teddy of Studio Noos. Add your Lillydoo disposable changing mat on top so this one stays clean and fresh:).

Baby Care products

Bring your own travel-sized toiletries to make sure your baby stays clean and moisturised! Personally, I’m a huge fan of Naïf due to the natural ingredients and the tubes that are made from sugarcane! The Naïf Travel Kit for Baby & Kids is perfect for traveling. You have everything for your baby at hand, while you still have plenty of space left for other things. Another amazing natural skincare line for mothers and babies is Kenko. I love giving massages to my baby and the calming oil with Apricot and seeds are perfect for the sensitive skin. The smell of love.


Depending whether you are breastfeeding; if you are bottle feeding and you want to sterilise your bottles (this is advised in warm weather) Bring this travel kettle that is perfect on the go. This one folds right up so is easy to pack, perfect for camping also! Furthermore, don’t forget to bring a bottle cleaning brush, you can buy them cheap at most drugstores. To heat your bottles, simply bring a thermo-cup where you would normally drink your hot drinks from.


Let’s hope you will never have to deal with your baby being sick when you travel. An important travel essential is a baby thermometer. Get it here

Sunhat or beanie

Protect your little one from the sunshine with a good sunhat (like this cute one of Konges Slojd or preferably with a neck protector like this one) or if you are traveling to the cold, buy a warm beanie


It can get cold during the flight and maybe also during the night – depending on when and where you are traveling. So a super soft and warm blanket is definitely important to bring. The beautiful warm and soft teddy of Koeka is perfect for your little one to sleep under.

Hydrophilic cloth

They are ideal for almost everything, such as burps, bib, bathing, wiping the spit away and some are also big enough to use as a blanket or for swaddling your baby. I use the soft and natural coloured towels of atelier Annur. Tip! Personalise your product of choice with a unique embroidery especially made for little ones!!

Enjoy your next trip, with your baby!



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