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Why you should visit ADE Green this year

ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is around the corner and with that comes the important conference that is ADE Green. Subjects like sustainability, innovation and social change are discussed and shared in a one day conference on the 18th of October. The conference is kicking of the Amsterdam Dance Event and includes inspirational speakers, ideas and practical workshops. Time to let you know why you should go this year and what not to miss.

ADE Green last year

Climate Change, the giant awakening
what? A lecture by professor Chris Rapley, climate scientist at University College London
When & where? 10.15 – 11:00, De La Mar D5 Panel Room
Professor Chris Rapley, former director of the British Antarctic Survey and one of the world’s leading climate scientists, has been warning the world for years that lack of action on climate change will have catastrophic impacts in future decades. His theater play “2071: The World We’ll Leave Our Grandchildren” looks at how climate has changed in the past, how and why it is changing now, and the need for humanity to act to avoid dangerous disruption in the future. In this lecture he will perform sections from his theater play and talk about his belief that creativity must be at the center of shaping our future climate.

ADE Green is bringing innovating heads together to create something great for our future

Sustainability Management in a nutshell, the how-to-guide from a Greener Festival Founder
What? Claire O’Neill is the founder of A Greener Festival, a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of music festivals and events.
When & where? 11:45 – 12.30, De La Mar D11 Panel Room
Working with a wide range of festivals and events in various management and co-ordination roles for over 10 years, Claire has a vast amount of experience in event management, production, logistics and operations. In this interactive session she will be offering an overview of sustainable event management, touching on a broad range of topics including policy, power, procurement, waste management, water use, traffic and transport, external reach and behavioral change. The workshop aims to frame and define sustainability as the thread that runs throughout the life cycle of an event. If you want to make your event more sustainable but don’t know where to start or how to up your game, join us for this definitive ‘how to’ guide on event management, all in one hour-long session.

Pussy versus Putin, Documentary film
What? A documentary about the female band Pussy Riot who were sentenced to two years in a Russian labour camp for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”.
When & where? 13.15 – 15:00, Melkweg
In addition to the live interview with Nadya Tolokonnikova later in the day, there will also be a screening of the documentary ‘Pussy vs Putin’ in which each step of the feminist punk band’s battle against Putin is portrayed, including their first disruptive performances on a trolley bus wearing brightly colored balaclavas (emblazoned with the motto “Kill a Sexist”), scenes of them shooting their video about transparent elections, their controversial performance in the cathedral in Red Square, and footage shot from behind bars. A must see!

Nadya Tolokonnikova

Designing Out Waste, How to Become a Circular Festival – presented by DGTL
What? This panel will propose and discuss solutions for  identifying and redesigning materials to fit the needs of festival producers.
When & where? 14:00 – 15:00 De La Mar Theater, D8 Panel Room
Festivals are temporary cities whose organizers have started to look into how they can make the transition towards circular production in every area.  Beyond the music, organizers must provide infrastructure and facilities including energy, sanitation, catering, water, mobility, and waste management. Transitioning these mini-cities into sustainable events isn’t easy. Take for example the fact that the average  festival visitor generates up to 2,3 kg of waste per day (more than the average citizen). How can we look beyond the current “take, make, dispose” mentality employed in festivals to design out waste? Where can we redefine products and services in order to minimize the negative impact of a festival?

dgtl at ADE Green
DGTL Festival, a pioneer when it comes to sustainability

Can Festivals Help To Improve Humanitarian Assistance?
What? In this interview, Duncan Stutterheim, founder of ID&T and chairman of the board of Open-House, and Juriaan Lahr, Director of International Operations at The Netherlands Red Cross, will discuss how we can further explore humanitarian innovation in a festival context and what is needed to bring this to scale.
Where & When? 14:15 – 14:45, De La Mar Theater, D1 Panel Room
For the past 18 months, innovation platform Open-House and the Netherlands Red Cross have worked together on a pilot project to identify new ways to bring humanitarian assistance. Although seemingly worlds apart, this pilot has shown that festivals can offer a safe and accessible testing ground for humanitarian innovation. A successful demonstration was held at Mysteryland last summer and, thanks to our collaboration, a solar energy unit was deployed during the Irma response in Sint Maarten. Something we need to talk about.

Art For Social Change
What: An interview with Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot

When & Where? 16:45 – 17:30, De La Mar Theater, D7 Panel Room
Nadya Tolokonnikova is a Russian conceptual artist and a political activist. Most people know her from the infamous Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot. The group staged performances of provocative punk rock in unusual public places, which were edited into music videos. These events included themes like feminism, LGBTQI+ rights and opposing the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The collective gained international attention when they were arrested in 2011 for performing an anti-Putin protest song in a Moscow Cathedral and were consequently sent to Russia’s harshest prison for two years. This is going to be an interesting talk for sure.

Plenty of food for thought and innovation. See you on the 18th of October?
Tickets cost €35,- and are available here. To find out more about ADE Green and the rest of the program, visit the ADE website.



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