Why you should visit Greece

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I have been coming to Greece since the age of 3. This country is very close to my heart. Unfortunately Greece has a lot of financial struggles at the moment but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit! Greek people live of tourism most of the time, so I can only recommend you go. So why visit Greece?

1. The Beaches
I have been all over the world but the best beaches I have seen so far were all in Greece. The water is so blue that you think it’s a swimming pool!

Egremni beach, Lefkas

2. The Food
OMG. The food. Whats not to love? I don’t even eat meat but even then they have one of the best cuisines. From stuffed tomatoes to the amazing calamari.. Yummie! Be sure that there will be a recipe on our blog soon!

3. The People.
Greek people are welcoming, warmhearted people. Even in Athens the people have always been so good to me. Last summer I stayed in an apartment and the owner welcomed us with a home baked cake from his grandmother. Just because their like that.

Why you should visit Greece

4. The Music
Ok, not everybody is a fan but once you’ve learned to dance to it, it’s amazing!
I was taught at a young age so I know 1 or 2 traditional dances. If you do it well, someone will give you a free shot (they call it a svinaki) or they smash some plates! 

5. The Weather
Yes, this wouldn’t be a good top 5 if I had not mentioned the weather. During the high season it’s between 25 and 30 degrees which is the perfect weather for me but Greece is still wonderful in October with 18 to 25 degrees. Happy days!

Kathsima beach, Lefkas

Enjoy the beauty of Greece!



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