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Win Tickets to Straf_Werk Festival 2018!

The festival season is in full effect, and the next couple of months we have another couple of good ones to follow. One of the festivals we are looking forward to is Strafwerk Festival. Read on, because we are giving away 2 tickets!

Before you get all exited, we better give you a little more info, shall we? Straf_Werk was founded back in 2011 as a house music concept that organizes parties and festivals around the Netherlands. After many years of partying, house music eventually blended in with techno sounds, and now offers a stage to some of the biggest names in the Techno/House scene, as well as newcomers.

The Festival
Like last year, Straf_Werk Festival will be held at Blijburg beach in Amsterdam. The location is perfect and easy accessible by tram, car or bicycle. The line-up is quite impressive even though the festival is still young. Solomon, Kölsch, Joris Voorn, Maceo Plex and Henrik Schwartz are some of the names that will take the stage on the 18th of August. There will be 5 stages in total, which includes the futuristic dome from last year. There is plenty of space to rest your head in the hammocks or chill area.

Straf_Werk Festival
Will you dance at the dome this year?

You’ve probably scrolled down to this bit haven’t you? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just tell us why you deserve 2 tickets to Straf_Werk Festival and who you want to bring! Winner will be announced in a couple of weeks!

Straf_Werk Festival
18th of August 12 – 11pm
Blijburg aan Zee



*This article was written in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival

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Comments (21)

  1. Melissa

    Would love to experience this as I have only gone to one festival in Amsterdam.

  2. André

    Had a great time last year, specially during the sets of Alan Fitzpatrick and Ame. Would love to go back there!

  3. Bibiane

    I’d love strafwerk festival 2 be my first full techno experience. I‘t would be the perfect occasion to see my friend who I’ve known for a couple of years, that I almost only know speak to on social media. How happens to be a great techno lover‍♀️.

  4. Giovanna

    I would like to win the tickets to Straf_Werk Festival because that’s where I met my boyfriend!

  5. Rachelle

    It would be great to go there with my best friend!
    Dancing and drinking and having fun!

  6. Niki

    I would really really really love these two tickets! I’ve never been to this festival, but all i hear are great stories! And i really love the location, at Blijburg. I live near to Amsterdam, so I can go by bike! 😀 and the line-up is amazing! Kölsch, maceo plex, joris voorn! I would bring my best friend to this festival if I win. Dancing in the sun with a cool drink at Blijburg with good music in the back, what more do you need in the summer? 😀

  7. Judith

    I would really like to win this tickets for Strafwerk Festival because I’m a huge fan of Solomun and Joris Voorn and can not wait to see them both at the same festival!! 😀
    The location is pretty nice as well and I would love to dance one more time at Blijburg beach because this is one of the last times possible at this location.
    I would bring my boyfriend so I can infect him with the techno virus which I know he would love!! 😉

  8. eva

    Jaaaa!! I am broke as hell maar zo een ontzettend drang om even heel hard uit mijn tent te gaan met mijn bromance!!

  9. christina vucica

    I would really wanna win because al my friends are going! They bought early birth tickets and i was not sure because i thought i was unable to go because of my thesis!!but i graduated and now i can go! So hopefully i can go with my friends!!

  10. Carmen

    Okay, my third attempt to post a reaction on this amazing giveaway! I don’t know why they won’t be posted but I want to win sooooo bad that I’ll keep trying!

    I’m a huge fan of Joris Voorn and Kölsch. I always dance and scream shamelessly when they’re performing live. When I’m in the train, which is often, I repeatedly listen to Ringo (❤️❤️❤️) and other numbers from them both. I’ve seen them live multiple times but neeeever enough! Would love to have the chance to see them at Strafwerk!

  11. Tabitha

    Why do I want to win the Strafwerk Festival tickets? Because I’m in desperate neeeeeed of getting a sort of Ibiza beach vibe again..
    Dancing with your feet in the sand… with the nice groovy sound in your ears of Wouter S. … and a nice drink in your hand..
    I can go on and on..and on..and on…

    No, because my boss is a (^&*&*) and I want to destress with my man at a nice beach festival!!! And I know that Straf_werk Festival is the best option for that! So I can go happily ever after to work again that week after. 😛

  12. Sarah

    No specific reasons, I jist would like to go to enjoy music and have a vacation feeling.

  13. Agnes

    Hey Wanderslusters!

    I would love to win two tickets to Straf_Werk becuause as a good adopted Amsterdammer (originally from Budapest 🙂 ) I fell in love with the vibe of these local festivals! The fact that it is held at Blijburg, one of my favourite spots in Amsterdam is just a bonus point! Another bonus point is that my best friend whom moved to Berlin from Amsterdam will be visiting me that exact weekend, hence it would be great to surprise her with a ticket to Straf_Werk! 🙂 We actually said good bye and celebrated her time in Amsterdam at Blijburg at a festival before she left….what a great time it would be to reminiscence about that there again!


    • Wander-lust

      Dear Agnes, congratulations, you WIN 2 tickets to Straf_Werk Festival!!! Please send us a pm and we’ll arrange it!

  14. I would like to a have a unforgettable time with my little sister. I have not seen her in a while and we used to visit festivals together all the time, but lately this was not always possible:(. I hope to be with her at Strafwerk and light up the fire we used to have! <3

  15. Chantal

    My friend give me a instax camera, i want to make a lot of festivalpictures @ strafwerk festival <3 To give her a very nice day, and make a lot of memories together!

  16. Lynn Denies

    Hi there,

    Some good friends of mine are going and I want to join them to this lovely festival on a great spot in Amsterdam so bad that I even cancelled a wedding for it.. Shame on me I know, but one thing I learned while travelling is to only do the things that YOU really want to do and give you joy!

    X Lynn

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