Winkel Op Wielen, Netherlands


If you come from a village, you may have seen it before. A shop on wheels. Now, during the pandemic, two innovating women decided to bring this nostalgic SRV car back on the road!

The Winkel Op Wielen (WOW) is perfect for those who prefer not visiting the busy supermarkets during COVID, but still like to get quality and local products.

Creative solution for the “new normal”

Behind the WOW concept are Lotte van der Duin and Meike Heynens from Event Styling & production agency BOLT Amsterdam. When the event industry came to a standstill, the girls were challenged to come up with a way to offer unique brands a platform. Not much later, the Winkel op Wielen concept emerged from their creative tube. The thought that led to the idea: “If people can no longer go to the store, then we will bring the store to them!”

Winkel Op Wielen Meike and Lotte

Local and unique products

So what can you buy inside the Winkel op Wielen?  In the first place, you’ll will find a carefully composed range of local food and lifestyle products where and experience are central. From traditional sandwiches, sweets and healthy treats to the latest books, beauty products and handmade jewellery. But also plantbased milk from Rude Health, Peanut butter from De Pindakaaswinkel, local produced beer, granola and jam from “forgotten vegetables” and even vegan cheese fondue! 

products Winkel op Wielen

Coffee at Winkel Op Wielen

Coffee at Winkel Op Wielen

Where can you find The Winkel Op Wielen?

As a matter of fact, the WOW bus starts with ten different routes in and around Greater Amsterdam. In other words, it will only stop in residential areas and the bus will move every 10-20 minutes. The WOW bus runs from Tuesday to Saturday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM; depending on the rules per municipality. This results in three to five villages that are visited per day and the route is repeated after two weeks. Nonetheless, check the routes on the website and track their live location to see if Winkel Op Wielen is near you.

We are a fan already, let’s make this a success!

De Winkel Op Wielen
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