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Dutch winter has arrived. The skies are grey and outside it feels cold and wet. But instead of withdrawing to the sofa and binge watch as much Netflix as you can, we would like to give you 10 surprisingly good reasons to go out and explore these winter campings.

A short stay at one of these Dutch Winter campings are a great medicine against moodiness. They’ll refresh your body, mind and soul. Our brand new guest editors and outdoor enthusiasts Kim and Sebas Labrie tried & tested some of the best places to stay cozy this winter season.

Familie Labrie
Our brand new guest editors; Family Labrie

Stop running, look around and see where you’re at

Estate Bossem

Nowadays we often hear the phrase: be in the now. In other words, stop running, look around and see where you’re at. At estate Bossem they make this real easy for you. Sleeping in a ‘star-cube’ is a sweet experience. These perfectly designed tiny houses have a glass window above the bed, so you can look at the stars. They even provide guests with a telescope if you’re into it. To add to the romance they’ll give you enough wood to keep a fire going throughout the evening.

Bossem winter glamping

Bossem Nederland

Bossem Collage

Additionally, their food is also something to look forward too. The menu mainly contains local organic food. Relax in the morning, coz breakfast will be waiting in a cute rattan basket on your doorstep. So yes, it’s a great place for a romantic hibernation, but at the same time there’s lots to do if you go with the family. Kids can play outside with “bicycle’go-karts, the trampoline or help the farmer with his daily chores. Actually, the latter one is good for you all, because farmer Dennis’ knowledge and love for sustainable farming is truly inspiring.

Recharge your battery at the finest winter campings in the Netherlands


Winterwoods is a pop-up campsite in the dense forests of Drenthe. During the day you take part in activities, explore the surroundings or warm yourself up in the Finnish sauna. In the evening, enjoy a drink by the campfire or fire up the wood stove in your own traditional yurt. Activities include yoga sessions, forest walks, mountain biking, and cold training in the nearby lake. You can book 2 or 3 nights, and prizes vary between €190 to €275 p.p.

Winterwoods - Winter glampings Netherlands


This place is all about their natural camping ground and the amazing atmosphere that lingers around. If you’re a nature-lover the Voscheheugte gives you great options to recharge your battery. You can either stay in an ‘hikers’hut, a tiny house, your own campervan (as long as it is not over 5,5 meters), or a designer house. Too much to mention. In short, there are lots of different places to stay for the night so you can feel a bit off grid. Meaning just you, your loved ones, a campfire and some peace and quiet.

voscheheugte Winter camping

Moreover, you can even bring your dog! And if your kid is below the age of 8 years old, he or she can stay here for free. Pretty good deal, right? There are also tons of activities to do in the area, just check their website. You won’t get bored. Even if you tried. And during the winter bring boots. Special tip: the caretakers Martin en Manilde rent out amazing camper vans as well!

The perfect place for families and/or friends to spend some quality time together.

Drinking marshmallows with fire

’t Buitenland

This campsite is a lot smaller then it’s namesake in Drenthe, but here in the South of the Netherlands small means good and wholesome. It’s run by genuinely good and colourful people. It feels like they’ll do anything to make your stay wonderful and memorable. And therefore it is. The fact that there are only 10 houses where you can spend the night, is part of the charm. Whether you choose the Mongolian yurt, a Finnish kota, a real tipi or the gipsy wagon, they’re all worth it.

The atmosphere and their interior make you feel right at home. Your own kitchen and wood stove will make sure of that. If you want though, you can also cook on an open fire outside. There’s a hot tub to relax in and if you’re worried what the kids might do in the meantime, no prob they can play in the natural playground that is created for them. All in all  And, everybody will go home with a big smile on their face.

Het Wylde Pad, Fryslan

Owned by mommy and lifestyle influencer “De Huismuts” and her partner, this glamping is new and exiting! You can find it in Friesland, right in the far North of the Netherlands. Yes, winter will be cold, but here it will be cozy AF! You can book cottages with friends or family, so perfect for these current Covid times. Open all year round, kids will totally love this place! That being said, they are fully booked until February, so keep an eye on their website to find a spot!

De Heische Hoeve

About 20 km east of Den Bosch you’ll come across this welcoming sustainable farm. All year around you can come in your campervan. You can park it for the night on one of the many sweet and somewhat secluded spots around the farm. Or just book a room.  Up to the year 2000 you would only find pigs here, but they switched it all up and nowadays they focus on sharing what their creativity combined with local products can offer. And that’s a lot. For example, they proudly brew their own ‘bus’whisky on the premises.

Heidse Hoeve winter glamping

Bus Whiskey

Book a whisky’tour’ and experience how passionate they are about their single malt. Or eat in their cosy restaurant and enjoy the tasty local products in beautifully prepared meals. Luckily they also have a shop so you can bring some of these goodies back home to treat your friends. But most importantly indulge in the lust for life that seems to posses all that work on this farm. They love what they do. And it’s contagious. 

Kim Labrie in camper, Winter campings

Are you looking for Glampings during summertime? Check these out!


Don’t get confused with the above mentioned winter glamping ‘t Buitenland, this is a different one. First thing that comes to mind about campsite ‘Buitenland’… it’s a great hang out. It just happens to be one of those places where the vibe is right. Obviously, they worked hard for it but they clearly made the right choices, ‘cos it attracts a nice mix of people. During the winter the camping part is closed and so is the bar and restaurant, but there’s no shortage of accommodation! Each uniquely designed house has its own character. There’s also a fantastic outdoor bar, where you can relax and where kids can play. It basically functions as the beating heart of the campsite.

Dome Buitenland, winter campings Nederland
The Dome. Photo by Jon van Schaik

During summer their corona proof workshops and activities are creative and playful. They vary from a Ukelele mantra workshop to a breakfast concert or a cold training with a well known expert. If you don’t care about any of that, then you can simply embrace nature and choose one of the many hiking trails. This winter camping is a no brainer. Go see for yourself!

Het bos roept

The name of this camping says it all: the forest is calling. This winter glamping recognises the need to counterbalance the infamous rat race of modern life. Here you go to take a break, to put down the phone and exhale. To emphasise, all year round you can glamp and book a handsome tiny house, spend a night in an air streamer or choose their famous ‘forrest cabin’. Or you can come by boot and visit. How cool is that? Lots of different ways for a comfortable stay, so you can freeze time and take a breather.

het bos roept

During corona times they don’t serve dinner, but you can order breakfast. You don’t have to, but you should, ‘cos it’s delish.
They have an indoors, where you can make your own campfire. Perfect to enjoy family time and play games without rain or cold ruining the good times. And when the weather allows it, the kids can run around on the playground and wear themselves out. If you’re a camper at heart and you wanna pitch a tent of park your campervan, the campsite is open from the 18th of December till the 4th of January. A nice eye for detail: the sanitary has underfloor heating, which makes certain daily routines so much nicer, right? Go for it.

Hartje Groen

In the middle of nature reserve Maashorst you find this lovely campsite. It lies hidden in the forest and it provides perfect outdoor life for anybody who is in need of some fresh air. The lavish character of the Southern province Brabant adds to the flavour. After a beautiful walk in the forest, you get to enjoy lots of good food and drinks on the terras of de Boshut. It’s Closed during this new lockdown, but we are sure they will find a creative solution. And like the other winter glampings on this list you’ll find a nice variation of charming houses to stay in and a good choice of different activities to keep you entertained throughout the day.

Anna Hartje Groen

All in all already reason enough for a visit. But we wanna tell you about Cabin Anna. If you ever desire to be a part of nature, while comfortable reading a book in bed… in Hartje Groen you’ll find what you’re looking for. Its name is Anna. Instead of explaining what we mean, go check their website. Not because we’re lazy, we just don’t wanna ruin the surprise. It’s absolutely beautiful and it must be a true experience to spend the night in this creative piece of architecture. Enough said.

Camping Hartje Groen, Winter glampings


With their new accommodations in place, Zwier is also a great glamping to stay during the wintertime. Located next to the Vinkeveense Plassen, it’s an escape from busy city life. Amsterdam is only 15 minutes away by car, yet it feels like you are miles away. They currently offer different packages like Kozy Christmas with mulled wine, Christmas breakfast & dinner and movie night including popcorn and hot chocolate. Moreover, this is really the place to totally be offline. You leave your phone at reception and you can stay in a house by the lake with everything you need and a book to read. Food and drinks are included, plus you can use one of the boats to sail away with your thoughts. Time to get ZEN this winter.

Zwier winter glamping
Photo by Where She Goes

And then there is one last tip we don’t want to keep from you:

The Unbound

It has nothing to do with camping or glamping or being in the midst of nature. But if you are looking for something special and you are longing for something that gives you the feeling of – “ being out there on a great festival, in the mids of a forest, on one of those a hidden gems that only a very few lucky ones know about” – well this is it…The Unbound gives you the perfect urban nature vibe. It is overflowing with style and comfort and Amsterdam is right there in your back yard. Do we need to say more.

The Unbound, winter glampings Netherlands
The Unbound, Amsterdam


Happy camping!

Family Labrie

*Traveling is in this families blood. Last year they came back from South America and decided to stick to a nomadic lifestyle and then corona happened. So in the meantime they’re exploring the Netherlands. Always on the look out for heartwarming places…

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