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WONDR | The Amsterdam Instagram museum paradise

If you want to lay in a bath full of marshmallows or boost your Instagram likes with interactive pastel walls, you can! Let us introduce you to an Amsterdam Instagram museum paradise: WONDR Experience. 

Amsterdam Instagram museum

With more museums in Amsterdam like Moco Museum NEMO focussing on being Interactive and playful, the younger generation is showing more interest in art and installations than ever before. Is it sharable on social media? Then your museum is likely to become a hit. Wondr Experience is a new Instagram museum in Amsterdam Noord.

Get lost in an otherworldly jungle. Dive into a sea of pink marshmallows. Dance under a glittering sky. Write on the walls. Sing your heart out. Blend into artworks and experience what dreams are made of. – Wondr.

amsterdam instagram museum

What is WONDR?

The Amsterdam Instagram museum describes themselves as “the secret ingredient to happiness” and when you check out their website, you are welcomed by pastel colours and disco balls. If it’s happiness or not, it is definitely the ingredient for a successful venture. Take the Ice-Cream museum in Los Angeles for example. It was sold out for months and getting a ticket was like getting the golden chocolate bar from Willy Wonka.

They change the rooms every now and then so even if you’ve already visited it, it’s still worth to visit again after a few months! Going to Amsterdam during Christmas time? WONDR will for sure have some Christmas rooms too.

wondr experience amsterdam instagram museum

wondr experience amsterdam instagram museum

WONDR: where art and fun meets

Together with artists, makers and designers WONDR is displaying 15 colourful and playful installations where people can lose themselves in. Think of a swimming pool filled with marshmallows (this one is their most popular one!), a glitter shower or chill out at the WONDR Café full of Instagrammable snacks.

A few of the popular rooms

  • Swimming pool with marshmallows: the Amsterdam Instagram museum breakthrough 
  • Glitter shower
  • Teddy bear room
  • Fan and disco ball room + karaoke bar
  •  2D-room

Childish? No way! WONDr is for young and old and a perfect activity to do on your trip to Amsterdam. Reserve your tickets for €24,50 to avoid disappointment.

WONDr on Wheels

They’ve now added something new and it’s moving! Let people outside Amsterdam enjoy the colorful, interactive adventure so WONDR on wheels was created: a bright pink – how could it be otherwise? – double-decker, which can be found this summer at a handful of festivals and various locations just outside the city. Here children and adults can come and play!

WONDR pink bus

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

Meeuwenlaan 88

Website / Instagram

Happy playing!


*Header Photo courtesy of WONDR


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