As a freelancer I work pretty much everywhere. On Monday I always work from home just because it’s harder to wake up that morning-so-I-might-as-well-chill. For this reason you can find me and my laptop in several lunch or coffee bars throughout Amsterdam. Somehow I always seem to return to a few where I really like to work. These are my favourites work spots in Amsterdam with free wifi and great coffee:

ZOKU Amsterdam

Recently discovered but they’ve been around for ages. with discovered we mean, we tried and tested this (pretty amazing) place. You can rent Japanese style lofts from 65 euro which includes coffee/tea and healthy lunch. You can also rent meeting spaces on the 6th floor but having a loft for the day is the ultimate workspot if you ask us. Additional people can join for an extra fee. Zoku also operates as an hotel and restaurant and they have a supercool rooftop where you have a view over the city.

SLA, Amstelveenseweg

We love working at one of their newest locations and right across from the famous Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Their salad options are endless and healthy. Best of all, they offer free tea refills! 

Lunch spots in Amsterdam, SLA

The Hoxton, Herengracht 255

Okok, this one has been mentioned soooo many times but I would lie if I said this isn’t one of the best  work spots in Amsterdam. Big chairs, open spaces and tout creative Amsterdam walks in and out, making it a freelance hub where you can network your ass off if you have to. The only point of critic I have, is that they have a problem with making a killer Latte Machiato. They just can’t seem to get that foamy part right. (believe me I’ve tried many times) Despite this minor detail, I always come back for a work session during the week. Website

Capital Kitchen, Wibautstraat 4a

The perfect workspot for freelancers? Perhaps it’s the new hangout for after work drinks? Whatever it may become, you may recognise this place as Stan & Co which it was called previously. Now, Capital C has decided to keep the restaurant space for themselves and so Capital Kitchen was born, including a complete make-over. This also applies to the menu, come check it out!

Coffee & Toast, Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 11-15

If you live in Amsterdam new west you will like me mentioning this one. It’s a bikershop, lunchroom and barber all into one. They are a rare sight in this neighborhood but stand out in their own right. When I work here I can listen to cool music from sting, the rolling stones and eat a great toasty. It’s also near to the Sloterpark so if you feel like going for a walk to clear your head, it’s the perfect spot. To find out more about Coffee & Toast, check here.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
Coffee & Toast

The Student Hotel, West & East Amsterdam

You may have heard from this one but did you know it’s the perfect place to work? There is plenty of space and the chairs are comfortable to work in when you’re a laptop-on-lap kind of person. They have 2 locations, one in West and one in East Amsterdam so take your pick. Website

Coffee Lounge at B-Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a

B’s living room (as they call it), you can work, have meetings, welcome your guests or simply relax after a busy day. They offer a daily lunch buffet, snacks, drinks and fresh coffee throughout the day! Their co-working space is built to give entrepreneurs the flexibility and inspiration they need to grow their business. You’ll find like-minded people, full membership to our entrepreneurial community and unlimited access to the events, support and facilities. Website

B-Amsterdam coffee lounge
Creative and cool, B-Amsterdam


Located in Amsterdam West, this is a pretty special work spot. Instead of coffee, you can drink the best kind of Tea’s. Enough tables,plugs and the tea menu is something I can’t get enough of. Ice tea, popcorn tea, beauteas! To learn more about this amazing work spot in Amsterdam, check my review

Ts Amsterdam

Overrated Work Spots in Amsterdam

There is something a bit daunting about HOTspots. They become so hot, that they burn out a little bit and they are always crowded:

Coffee & Coconuts

when you arrive it’s running for a table or you need to touch elbows with your freelancer neighbour. Great for those tasty coconuts and as a really great coffee bar but not to work.

La Place in the Public Library, It’s too noisy. Period. 

At Home

Yes I work from home every Monday but I seriously get so much less work done than I would do in a different environment. I have 2 bunnies that are just too cute to ignore, plus I do the occasional dancing through the living room if a nice song comes on. Not one of the best work spots in Amsterdam.

Work Work Work Work Work Rihanna said so we might a well do it at a good spot. Enjoy the free wifi and let me know what your favourite work spot in Amsterdam is!



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