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What do you get when we, travel addicts, and surprise experts team up: a night out in Amsterdam that you will never forget! Yes, we have been working together “in secret” with the boys from Wundernacht to create a Wanderlust X Wundernacht experience. We hear you think..What is a Wundernacht?

Well, let’s explain. Wundernacht organizes surprise nights out in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Curated by locals. This way you get to places that are not mentioned in the usual tourists brochures or that you wouldn’t normally go to. Are you a true explorer? Time to find out! Wundernacht is ideal for those who are not familiar in Amsterdam or Utrecht and for those who want to discover something unique and unexpected in 1 night! Wundernacht currently offers 3 packages; A sweet little secret, The big trip, Cosmonaut Adventure and now.. Wanderlust! Together we created a list of unique & fun experiences that everyone needs to go to at least once in their life. Luckily we are here for you which will make it easier to navigate, eat, and enjoy our favorite places in Amsterdam.

Wundernacht X Wanderlust

Amsterdam girls ready to plan your adventure!

“Are you ready for the unexpected?”

How does it work?
Pretty simple actually. Go to www.wundernacht.com and book your night by clicking on “Book Now”. Each night has a different price and our Wanderlust experience will cost 120 euro’s for 2 people. You can book our evening from 2 people upwards. This will include dinner & drinks, an experience and something to close of the night. What you will do? You won’t have a clue! Well, that’s until we send you a text message at 6pm with the address of your first destination in your selected city. During the evening we will keep in touch to see if everything runs smoothly for you. At each place you will receive an envelop with your next destination.. So when Wundernacht asked us to curate a Wanderlust Experience, we didn’t have to think twice!

WANDERLUST (do you see it?)

True, it wouldn’t be fair talk if we didn’t experience a Wundernacht ourselves, so we tried & tested.. and even though Amsterdam is our hometown, we enjoyed dinner at a place we had never been before, experienced a concert of an amazing upcoming artist and closed the night in a (really cool) secret bar we had never heard of. Yes they pulled it of, they truly surprised us!

Wundernacht X Wander-Lust
Our surprise night out with Wundernacht took us to places we had never been before

So if you are looking for a spontaneous adventure in Amsterdam or Utrecht then you’ve come to the right place! There are so many hidden treasures out there waiting to be discovered. Our Wanderlust package will give you an experience that will leave you different than when you came — get inspired, meet new friends, experience newly-discovered spots – and get the experience of a lifetime!

Are you ready to expect the unexpected? Book our Wanderlust Experience here!


Elke & Sarah

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  • Lauren
    Posted at 04:22h, 15 June Reply

    What a fun idea! Amsterdam one of my most cherished cities. You’re from there and still got surprised? Guess I’ll have to make another trip soon 🙂


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