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Tucked deep into no-man’s-land  in the Netherlands, you’ll find a very special place by the name of Yugen Forest. A place that was created from nature, for nature. It’s a little complicated, maybe. But we want to tell you all about it. Dive into the well-being of people and nature. 

Forest cabin Yugen Forest - Yugen Forest

Upon arrival, you’ll notice that the parking lot is purposely placed far from the main entrance of Yugen forest. It’s about a 15 min walk but through an avenue of trees. The Yugen Experience begins here.

What is Yugen Forest?

Yugen is a Japanese word that is often used by artists/creatives. If you see something that touches you – the beauty of nature for example, when time stands still. That one moment of wonder is called Yugen. A great name to give to a place that was built to create moments like these. It’s location, in Dronten, used to be a tree farm for a couple of years, until the land of 128 acres was bought by a lady that wanted something good with the land, giving back to nature. So when Yugen Forest was born, it was like honey and bees.

Yugen Forest overview glamping

Yugen Forest may look like a fancy glamping, but isn’t available for regular sleepovers and vacations. They offer retreats between 2 and 5 days that includes overnight stays, food, drink and classes. Yugen also offers companies to rent their spaces for teamwork/sessions, and even weddings are booked here. Eventually, there are bigger plans ahead. In a few years we might see a small hotel being built here, but not just any. A place you can compare with a tiny monastery, with room for mediation, reflection and peace. Furthermore, wellness is also in the pipeline next to the ice-bath and two sweat lodges they currently have.

Forest cabin Yugen Forest
Latest edition to Yugen Forest: Forest Cabin

What can you find at Yugen Forest

Although everything is spread out over the large piece of land, There are a few main locations to point out.

  • Slot Roggebot – is described as the heart of Yugen Forest. It lends itself perfectly to workshops, trainings, ceremonies, yoga sessions, long table dinners or intimate gatherings around the fireplace. The main kirchen is also located here, and it’s a great place to relaxin one of the sofa’s or chairs by the fireplace. Nice to know: this building was built with more than 70% recycled materials including beams that are more than 500 years old.
  • The Greenhouse – room for 60 seated guest on a long table for romantic weddings or receptions.
  • Giant Tipi – A tipi, but huge, and with windows that can open at the bottom. Great for breathwork, sessions or gatherings.
  • Forest Chamer (Boskamer) – Perhaps our fasvourite space. Hidden under the trees, this is where you will find food and laughter. Complete with a wood-fired pizza oven. Magical.
  • Glamping – this is where you’ll find several luxury tipi tents, and wooden houses. By the beginning of June there will be 10 forest houses (new). All equipped with a large bed and a massive window that looks like a real life painting. All accommodations are luxury and stylish – it’s not the usual camping.

Slot Roggebot - Yugen Forest
Inside Slot Roggebot

Greenhouse Yugen Forest

Boskamer Yugen Forest
De Boskamer

Natural & Sustainable

Everything at Yugen Forest was built to have the least possible impact on the environment. In fact, they try to contribute to nature, and this is how. First of all, all human waste is being composted. Don’t worry, there are luxury toilets around, you won’t notice a thing, but it’s nice to know. If you stay here, there is no need to bring your own shampoo or bodywash, Yugen works with natural products that won’t harm the earth. They have several partnerships with several organizations that want nature to thrive, like bee-keeping for honey but also for the biodiversity – so a wild flower field was created. Walking towards the glamping area, you can find herbs to eat and collect for tea or food. 

Toilet Yugen Forest

The Yugen Experience

It sounds like a title of a Netflix documentary, but is in fact something completely different. Yugen Forest offers a retreat-like experience where you dive into nature for four days. During these four days, you can join several workshops about cooking, micro-dosing, breathwork, natural crafts and more. The next one on the agenda is planned between the 8th – 11th of July 2024 and is called Relax & Re-connect

If you’re looking for something shorter, perhaps Fold Experience is something for you. An initiative by Yugen’s head chef Garo Feslian, where you stay for 2 nights, cook food from the Yugen garden, and enjoy music. To stay updated, check the calendar for events or follow @yugenforest on Instagram!


And there is some much more to tell. Eventually, you need to experience it yourself. The ultimate goal of Yugen Forest is to leave and be kinder to yourself – and eventually to others. Hopefully a seed is planted that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin – inspired by nature and ready to create awareness.

Yugen Forest
Vossemeerdijk 6, Dronten

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